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Patricio Feder

Patricio Feder

Patricio is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Feder Aerospace. He is the inventor of several of the company's products and is the architect of its vision, strategy, and culture.

He brings in-depth experience that spans the start up technology industry across a variety of markets that include telecommunications, information technologies, defense, and electronics. Within these areas, Patricio has held strategic-level positions in or has been responsible for marketing, business development, executive management, operations, contract/agreement negotiation, and communications.

Patricio started his career at Kesser Research & Development, a custom firearm design firm where he worked as a mechanical engineer and a defense business developer. He also held various management positions at several leading edge technology companies such as Siemens Business Services, Tibersoft, InterMedia, and most recently SynQor, a high efficiency defense and commercial power converter design and manufacturing company. He also developed and managed business and partnerships for a variety of companies from Quercegen Pharmaceuticals to Brunswick Laboratories.

Since 1994 Patricio has dedicated his career to grow and develop almost every aspect of high-tech start up companies through leadership, strategic depth, pragmatic planning, and situational execution, while competing in a wide variety of markets with diverse technological backgrounds.